28 Feb 2012

Moxies: Quick bite and dessert!

Mosaic Dip. "A base of fresh tomatoes, garlic and sweet red onions topped with a layer of creamy diced mushrooms and finished with a seasoned Quebec goat cheese, served with naan bread." MMM doesn't that sound good? Well it was! This dip really reminds me of Pâté. The naan had some hard and some soft pieces. I ate all the soft ones and left the hard ones for the bf. =)
Crab and Scallop Cakes. I was very iffy about ordering this cause they tend to come out too salty. Sadly, it was. I completely hated this one. Aside from the saltyness, there was too much "filling", meaning a lot of extra bread and not enough crab. Also, didn't taste ANY scallop.
Bite of Brownie. This is the mini version of the White Chocolate Brownie. In case you're wondering, its about a fourth of the bigger one. This is just perfect for me. Its the only reason why I come to Moxies. 
Callebaut Chocolate Cake. This one was WAY too chocolatey. We had to order extra ice cream. Its basically a lava cake with the "lava" around it, a HUGE chunk of dark chocolate, strawberry and ice cream. I wouldn't recommend this if you're not a big fan of chocolate. You'll be disappointed.

10608 151A St, Surrey, BC V3R

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