7 Feb 2012


I've only been here once in my whole life and that was when I was a kid. I was really surprised that I wanted basically everything on the menu! And if my stomach could fit it, I would've.. seriously. They have such a good selection! In my eyes, anyways.
Roasted Garlic Caesar. This came with both our meals and they are HUGE! If you're a big fan of garlic, don't forget to order this next time. It's really creamy with a very strong taste of garlic. I'm not a big fan of garlic but still found this good. Yep, I ate it all.
I was really feeling steak that night over everything else so I went for the Top Sirloin with Crab and Shrimp $28. I always gotta have shrimp one way or the other. It came out just the right size to fit all into my belly. I was starving. Everything was just the way I liked it, cooked exactly medium rare, the mash potatoes were nice and chunky and just the right amount of shrimp and crab so that almost every bite of steak would be followed by either one.  My favorite part was the sauce. OH how amazing it was… There was literally NO sauce left by the time I was done. Not only did it compliment the steak, but it did everything else too. I will absolutely come back for this… after I’m done trying everything else on the menu first of course.
 T ordered the Slow Roasted AAA Prime Rib $23. This was HUGE. If I had ordered this, I would've probably left half of it on the plate. This one was a different story for me.. Yes, it was tender but it didn't really have much flavor. You’re supposed to eat it with their house made horseradish but I can’t eat that stuff!! I thought it was a really good deal for that big of a steak! I would've ordered it with a black peppercorn or something.
We finished off our meal with a new addition on their menu, the Decadent Duo $11. A White Chocolate Cheesecake beside a Pecan Pie. Aside from the fact that they were super sweet, these were freaking good. My side of Ice Cream $3 sorta evened out the sweetness.. kinda. I liked the Cheesecake the most. This is a really good deal if you like sharing since the cheesecake alone is $8. 

Exceptional. You get huge portions for what you are paying. 
Great place to have a girls/guys night out
Service was really good.
Rating: 8/10

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  1. Oh wow, those desserts look delicious. Especially the caramel sauce. Mmmmmm.