16 Mar 2012

Gotham Steakhouse

My boyfriend and I hadn't had a nice meal in a while. I was feeling steak that night so we ended up at Gotham. The first thing that caught my eye was the ipad wine menu. How cool is that!?
I only like to drink white wines so we ordered a couple glasses, even though we both we eating steak. Oh well.
This was my biggest regret of the night. The complimentary bread. And you'll see why later. We were starved by the time this came. It got to our table less than a minute after ordering but we were so hungry! We shared almost all of it between the 2 of us. And it was delish.
Fresh Oysters $18.50. The most I have ever paid for oysters. You can probably tell this place is over priced due to the name "Gotham". It wasn't anything special. Fresh oysters are always good.
Steak and Lobster $56. Sorry, I didn't realize how blurry it was till I got home. This is what my boyfriend ordered. The lobster was huge and the filet was nicely cooked and tender.
I had a whole Porterhouse Steak to myself $54. What this is, is a T-bone steak which contains 2 types of meat. On the right you get the filet, and the left is the new york. I did NOT realize it would come out this big. Aside from that, I loved how you get to have both sides and really taste the difference. I liked the filet side better. It tasted very buttery and was so easy to cut. The New York was almost there, but a little dryer. Now don't get me wrong, if I was eating just the New York, I would say it was delicious. I'm just comparing  the 2. The meat was very well-seasoned and makes me excited just to take the next bite.
We ordered 2 sides: Sautéed Mushrooms and Onions $10 and Garlic Mashed Potatoes $5.50. They were both very good and came in a large portion. I think it is a little strange how you have to order your own side, which comes in 2 servings. What if you're eating alone? What if you just want a spoonful of 3 different sides? And if you don't want any sides, you just get a steak with nothing? I would much rather have the sides picked out for me or have the option of choosing small portions of sides. We barely ate half of these ones.
AAND this is why I regretted eating all that bread. This is all I finished in the end! I probably would've eaten the whole filet and half the new york if it wasn't for all that bread! Anyway, I took this home, left it in the fridge for a whole night and ate it the next evening. All I did was fry it up as it was and basically continued my meal. It tasted almost the same as it did at the restaurant. The meat was still very tender and I gobbled all of it up in minutes. My parents had a bite and they couldn't help but ask for more. I didn't tell them it was a $54 steak. They'd probably kill me.
New York Cheese Cake $10. All the desserts on the menu were equally $10. Nothing really seemed to catch our eyes so we went the safe route. We didn't like it. The textures were nice and so was the crust but it had a very strong lemon flavor. We both are no fans of lemon in our desserts.

Overall, I think it was an exceptional experience. Our server was very kind, informative and on his game. The atmosphere was very nice and I would come here again. Probably not for a very long time though cause this place is damn expensive! \

615 Seymour St
Vancouver BC
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  1. gotham is so expensive but its the best steak in vancouver. Nothing else to it. You get what you paid for... we easily spent 300 with 2 people huhhhuhuh but it's so good =(