17 Mar 2012

Akasaka: The Best Sushi Restaurant in Surrey!

I have lived in Surrey since 5 years old. Japanese is my favourite type of cuisine. You can believe me when I say this is the go-to sushi place in Surrey. It's a little pricy but almost everything on their menu is exceptional. They have the best oyster motoyaki I've had (and trust me, I've had a lot). This visit was just a early dinner with a girlfriend so we didn't order much. I also wanted to try some new things so I strayed away from what I regularly order. I was very pleased.
Ebi Mayo. I've never had this before but I loved it and will be ordering this again. It came in a cute glass too! The ebi was a little on the tough side but it was deep-fried so who's to blame?
Jazz Roll. A great alternative when you cant eat sashimi. The smoked salmon added a very nice kick to this roll.
Popcorn Scallop Roll. This one was a little greasy from the deep fried scallops and tempura prawn inside the roll. We didn't finish this one but I was sure to gobble the rest of it up later that night, so it wasn't that bad.

I would highly recommend this restaurant for someone wanting to go on a nice date with their significant other or friend. They have many booths which are super private and all the servers have very cute personalities.

15110 101 Ave
Surrey, BC

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  1. oooh. i love sushi as well and im always on the look out for great places.

    have you tried Toshi on main and 16th? or Kishimoto on Commerical Drive and 5th ave? Those 2 are my favorites places for sushi. I think you may appreciate them as well =)