10 Oct 2012

Blue Water Cafe

I procrastinated for way too long on this post. Blue Water Cafe became part of my top 10 after leaving the restaurant that night. What I remember liking most was the service. Once you have been seated at your table, they cater to your every need. Blue Water is a must-try in Yaletown, Vancouver.
Oysters are a must if they are are on the menu. We ordered 2 orders of the 6 featured oyster types: Beach Angel, Kusshi, Glacier, Reed Island, Satori, Sawmill Bay.
BC Tasting for 2 $16.50 per person. Dungeness crab salad, scallop ceviche, albacore tuna tartare, smoked sockeye salmon terrine. All amazingly prepared but my favourite was the salmon terrine. (Excuse my horrible camera skills, my screen was half broken that night)
Halibut and Prawns $30. This was a special for the week. What can I say, I have absolutely nothing bad to critique about this. You know they put a lot of tlc into preparing everything on the menu.
Qualicum Bay Scallops $33.50. Ill probably remember this for the rest of my blogging life. The best and biggest portion of scallops I have ever ordered. However, it comes with a wild rice griddle cake which I didn't really find appetizing.
Kalamansi Cheesecake $11. We were never into citrusy cheesecakes but I really wanted cheesecake that night. I ended up setting myself up for disappointment. Don't get me wrong this was amazing (if you like citrus flavour in your cheesecake).
Warm Dark Cuban Chocolate Cake $12.5. Can you really go wrong with a brandy truffle melted inside of a light, crispy cake? I think not.
This was NOT big enough to share.

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Website: bluewatercafe.net
1095 Hamilton Street
Vancouver, BC

2 Oct 2012


Let me tell you the short list of big chain restaurants (that serve dinner/late night) within 10 minutes of where I live: Moxies, Earls, Boston Pizza. Now you know why I come here quite often.. 
Dungeness Crab and Asparagus Linguini $19.75. Im usually leaning towards the homestyle, extra meat extra sauce when it comes to pasta. This is the total opposite but I made sure to come back for it the next time i was at Earls, and the time after that. This is one of the few things I have ordered with the word crab on the menu and the plate.
Cajin Blackened Chicken $20.00. Does anyone believe me when I say this was my very first time having their warm potato salad? I couldn't get enough (which resulted in a very high carb dinner for me)! As for the chicken, just your standard blackened chicken, slightly over-salty and dry but nothing to complain about.

As for dessert, I am sad to say they have discontinued their cheesecake. I was too heartbroken to try a new dessert.

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Website: earls.ca
10160 152 Street
Surrey, BC

14 Aug 2012



As you can see, no one else was there. We came in right when the doors opened.
Salmon Carpaccio. This is one of the best I've had. The pieces are actually thin, like carpaccio is supposed to be, the bedding of sauce is so so so good. We almost ordered another. The only downside: This is way to small to share.
Live Oysters. I know this place is supposed to be "Modern Izakaya" food, but that jelly ponzu just didn't work for me. I asked for regular ponzu.
Ebi Mayo. They should really invest in taking the time to actually cover the Ebi... with Mayo. I liked the batter which was a nice and soft, thin layer. But seriously, it makes it so much better when the whole pieces are covered.
Tuna Tataki. This one was my least favourite of the meal. I found it to be very bland and extremely dry. The sauce was good (same as the Salmon Carpaccio plus a sweet and sour sauce) but it didn't help either of my problems with the fish.
Grilled Duck. This came out last so we were just about getting full, so you can tell how good it was when I say it went from plate to my belly in seconds. Ok maybe not seconds, but you get the point. It was fast. You would think you would need to order a side of rice for this was the tomato and apple slices were more than enough.
AAA Beef Filet Steak. I know I said the duck was the last one that came out, but when we saw this at the table next to us, we just had to order. Im a huge sucker for hot stones, I must admit. I don't really know how I felt about this one because by the time this came out (which wasn't too long of a wait) we were stuffed and were starting to regret ordering this and 3 desserts. I liked the cut of steak, the seasoning was a little off. I found it was the deep fried garlic I was using to make the meat more flavourful. They were so addicting.. like garlic chips almost. I also found myself drowning my steak into the sauce they gave us. I probably won't be ordering this again since this costed us $16 for a not-so-flavorful steak.
Almond Tofu with Blueberry Sauce. I usually don't like almond tofu, especially the ones at chinese restaurants where they sort of taste like medicine.. No offence to people who like it, or make it, or serve it at their restaurants. I have learned the trick to mask that medicine after taste! Blueberry sauce, duh. This was pretty bomb.
Yukimi Diafuku. Whoever makes these sticky rice cakes, NEEDS to give me the recipe. Seriously, i couldn't get enough. My girlfriend said you can buy these, ice cream and all at T&T. I couldn't imagine it to be this soft though, sitting in the freezer for that long, i don't think so! My only complaint is that they should get a better quality green tea and red bean ice cream because this one was hard and chunky.
Matcha Brûlée. One thing: TOO MUCH MATCHA!! It was way too over powering and a little hard to eat. Texture was great, just the matcha was way too much. I liked the red bean sauce and they put just the right amount. Is it me or does this seem like a different version of the ice cream one...

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1626 W Broadway
Vancouver, BC
Website: suika-snackbar.com

21 Jun 2012


I had heard so many bad reviews about this place but, as a food blogger, decided to try it out anyways. All my friends that have already been to Society told me that the place was nice, girly and loungy. This was true. They also told me that the food here sucks. Also true.
I called this a good start to a bad night.. Buffalo Jumbo Prawns. They have taken this off the menu.. too bad because they were very good and fresh! The chef probably doesn't like to have tasty things on the menu.
Hawaiian Pizza for one. I did not like this at all. I'd pick Pizza Hut over this any day. The dough was undercooked and burnt at the same time. The crust was dry and hard, and there wasn't enough sauce.
Spaghetti and Kobe Meatballs. I don't understand how Italian Kitchen and Society are the both part of Glowbal, but can have completely opposite Kobe meatballs. How hard is it to make Kobe meatballs!? Let me tell you how these tasted: like over processed ground beef. The pasta was well over done, the goat cheese was watery and the bread was inedible.

All in all, this is more of a drinking after a real dinner place, NOT a place to have a good meal. I do not recommend Society for their food what so ever. However, I am willing to give it another shot so look out for my second post on this restaurant

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1257 Hamilton Street
Vancouver, BC
Website: http://www.glowbalgroup.com/society

19 Jun 2012

Homemade Salads

Fun, easy, quick and yummy! I love making salads at home. This is one of my favorites: mixed greens and baby spinach, procuitto, grape tomatoes, goat cheese, bell peppers.
For my dressing: balsamic reduction, lobster oil, salt.

Dai Tung

I don't know what it is about Chinese food, I just never crave for it, eat it when its there, and it never leaves me wanting more. On this particular day, I was craving crab. Not Chinese crab, just crab. Have you ever eaten crab at a restaurant before? If you have, you would know its not easy on your wallet. My boyfriend suggested Dai Tung for dinner. That way, I get my crab and he gets his Chinese. 
Crab with cream sauce and noodles under. Delicious. The sauce was a little bland, but maybe I'm just being a baby about it.
Clams in black bean sauce. More shells, not so many clams. I love black bean sauce though.
Gotta have the veggies! We brought more than half of this home. Chinese food needs to be eaten by at least 4 people to have an even meal, otherwise you get too much of one dish and not enough variety.
Mango Pudding is always a must at a Chinese restaurant. And its not mango pudding without the cream!

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1050 Kingsway
Vancouver, BC

Starbucks Breakfast

I have discovered a new favorite: Artisan Bacon and Egg Breakfast Sandwich. I could proabably eat this every morning.. well, I kind of have been. How can you resist!? It also comes with ham instead of bacon. :)