13 Mar 2012

Kingsway Sushi

I was a very happy camper after eating here for the first time. Kingsway Sushi is a very popular all you can eat sushi restaurant in Vancouver. Every time I pass by, it is always super packed here! They offer many menus which you can check out on their website down below. We had the regular Dinner Menu for $24 which is sort of expensive compared to other a.y.c.e. Since we had a table of 11, I couldn't take pictures of everything but heres some of the things I found interesting, and worth trying. 
Scallop Sundae. Raw chopped scallop on a cucumber roll, topped with a lychee! I have never seen, eaten or heard of anything even close to this! The lychee compliments the scallop and mayo surprisingly well. A must-try!!!
Deep Fried Scallops.

Sashimi! The pieces are bigger than most all you can eat.
This one was my favourite. Excuse all the blurry pictures.. I couldn't get any good pictures with the hungry party I was dining with! Before I could get a hold of a plate, it would already be empty. You can imagine how hard it was to snap these pics! This is the beef sashimi. The pieces were very very small but does it really matter? It was AYCE!
Deep Fried Ika.
Their Oyster Motoyaki was okay. Not like I was expecting much. At least they were in actual oyster shells! I was fairly disappointed at the fact that for $24 a person, you don't get a choice of raw oysters. Even on the Deluxe Menu which is $31, you still have to pay an extra 60 cents for one fresh oyster. Ridiculous.
More Sashimi.. mmhm.
The Rolls. They didn't have that big of a selection but they came out pretty big.
Spicy Scallop Cones. Fresh.
The DInner Menu only included 2 desserts. This one is the Mango Pudding, with NO cream! =( The little mango pieces inside made up for it.
Double Boiled Egg White and Milk Custard. Ok, I don't even know what to say for this one. It smelled like boiled eggs whites and tasted like them too. Apparently this is a very popular dessert here but not in my book.

Overall, I had a good experience. The service was pretty bad as expected at a Chinese owned restaurant and the food was good. It was probably even better with the good company I had, this visit. I probably wouldn't come back but I don't regret eating here either. I just can't do without raw oysters!

#110-3665 Kingsway, 
Vancouver, BC

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