21 Mar 2012

Tropika: Malaysian and Thai Cuisine

My boyfriend and I took a drive down to Richmond to have dinner with my parents. They wanted Thai food so we ended up here, Tropika.
So under this sign, which is at the entrance of the restaurant, they have this little tiny boxes behind glass..
How cute is this!? It looks much better in person.

Yep, there was a total of 3 and yep, I had to post them all.
The interior of this place is very modern, most of you have probably been here before.
First up, we had a Melon King Prawn Soup $24. This was a soup with cucumber and prawns, and so not worth $24..
The soup was very very well seasoned. It was so good that it made the cucumber taste like a different vegetable! I liked this soup but I wouldn't order it again.
Satay Skewers! My favourite part. These are $1.30 each. We ordered 4 chicken and 4 lamb. The peanut sauce is perfection.
Pineapple Fried Rice 15. Its a must to order this every visit, simply because it comes out in a pineapple. Aside from that, nothing special.
Sambal Kang-Kong $14. To me, this was a little overcooked. The seasoning might be too much to handle for first-time triers but its pretty tasty one you get used to it.
Daun Pisang Ikan Pedas $16. Golden Pampano in sambal sauce. This one is my least favorite, but do not trust my opinion because my family loved it! The sauce over that fish just had a very strong and garlicy taste to it that I couldn't stand, thats all I can say.
Goreng Pisang 6.75. The famous deep fried banana. I can eat this everyday, honestly. A must try.

4151 Hazelbridge Way
Richmond, BC

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  1. That dessert looks so good!