26 Mar 2012

Gelarmony Gelato

Did this place really change owners!? I honestly thought they were doing good.. When it used to be called Mondo Gelato, my family would always take me here every time we went downtown. AHH, childhood memories are the best to come back to.. I was so glad when the flavors were still all the same, made with the same recipes.
The thing I remembered most was the cute decorations that represent what flavor it is.
I'm not sure if they had this previous to the change of management but this is the lava cake. We got really annoyed when ordering this because the lady refused to put ice cream on the plate and basically forced us to order it separately in a cup. How hard is it to put the ice cream on the plate instead of in the cup!? It was frustrating too, because she barely spoke English. Anyway, this was okay, a little dense and very chocolatey. I prefer my lava cake to be lighter but it wasn't bad. 
White Chocolate and Hazelnut. If you're ever here, you have got to order the hazelnut. Its always been my favorite flavor and will always be my favorite. SO CREAMY!  

1222 Robson St
Vancouver, BC

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  1. yeah i thought that too! i've always known it as mondo gelato. i remember trying the rose flavor here in the summer and it was so good. it's such a hard flavor to find and it's bright barbie pink! my favorite permanent flavor there is caramel apple. so good! =)

    1. Thanks! Ill be sure to try that next time :)