18 Jun 2012


After eating at small bistro's, sushi joints, pho restaurants and food chains, my boyfriend decided to take me out to Coast for a nice dinner. I had wanted to try Coast for a while but wanted to wait for a special occasion, or whenever we don't mind spending this much on one night. 
Crab Cake $16.95. There was a pretty funny story about this one. The minute before it came to our table, I kept rambling on about how absolutely nothing, nothing at all could beat the crab cake we had in Kelowna at Raudz. I was going on and on and on till I had the first bite of this one. OH, how satisfied I was. It was definitely comparable. I would come back just for this. It was seasoned and seared perfectly. Highly recommended and SO very worth the money.
Chef's Amuse: Tuna Tartar was a complimentary bite which we each received. I guess they saw how fast we scarfed down that crab cake! This was amazing and so well prepared and detailed for such a little dish.
Lobster $59. I really regretted ordering this. It came out exacter how it looks in the picture. I patiently waited for them to come back and open it up for me, which they didn't. How are you supposed to eat this without getting your hands dirty!? And so I send it back and our server was happy to crack my lobster open for me. She was a sweet heart by the way and catered to our every need.
What I thought about this dish: boring. Yes, it was very well seasoned and was extremely flavorful. Yes, the lobster was huge, a lot bigger than expected. However, the beans and broccoli was not enough for me. I never realized how boring lobster can get when you're just eating a whole one to yourself, especially when it's buttered like this one. Overall, a good lobster but I'll probably order something with a little more variety next time.
8 Ounce Beef Tenderloin $37, with Blue Cheese $3.50 A simple and delicious steak. You can tell they put some major TLC into these steaks. It was not as tender as we would`ve liked it to be, but all in all a good piece of meat! The Danish blue cheese added just the right touch to the tenderloin and was mild enough to eat with every bite.
Side if Asparagus $9. These were some quality asparagus! They were all tender baby asparagus which I love. I wish they would have gave us more of that sauce though!
Prawn Mac and Cheese $10. I would probably eat this everyday if carbs were non-existent. This was filled with sage leaves and gave it a very different taste, a good different. It was also full of fresh, big pieces of prawn.
Complimentary Truffle Fries. We were stuffed by the time they brought this out, but it was SO good we couldn't help but dive in. The truffle was perfect and so was the aioli.
Vitamin C Drop Shots $16.
Molten Banana Coconut Cake $10. Baked to order. Recommended to us by our server, this cake was extremely sweet but so addicting. All the flavours came out separately but came together very well. Its a very sticky cake since the coconut cream (with the consistency of condensed milk) is poured onto the cake after being brought to our table. The aroma of this freshly baked dessert made my mouth water!

This had been my favourite Glowbal location so far and I will, without a doubt, come back for that crab cake and those fries!
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1054 Alberni St
Vancouver, BC
Website: http://www.glowbalgroup.com/coast

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  1. free truffle fries? sweet! ;) and that prawn mac and cheese looks insanely goodddd