19 Jun 2012

Tobiko: Hidden Gem in Surrey

Any sushi place that make special rolls such as Dragon Roll, Spider Roll.. etc, and house-made rolls, deserves some appreciation. This one reminds me of Nagoya, another hidden gem in Surrey and my favorite sushi joint.
Pretty standard, few tables, a lot of pictures on the walls of customers and new menu items.
Ebi Sunomono $3.50. This is part if the reason why I like this place: they are NOT cheap. Many sushi places give mini shrimps or just one small piece but they are every generous here.
Beef Teriyaki Bowl $6.50. Is that cheap or what!?
Unagi Roll $4.75. I love when the avocados and cucumbers taste fresh, just like they cut them to order!
I totally forgot what this one is called. I believe it was one of the dragon rolls. Normally, a dragon roll costs about $9-13 a roll. The dragon rolls at tobiko are only $8-9. Good deal.

Tobiko Sushi on Urbanspoon
15951 Fraser Hwy
Surrey, BC
Website: http://tobikosushi.com/

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