28 Feb 2012

Italian Kitchen: Late Night Menu

I have been wanting to come here for a while. My plan is to try all the Glowbal Restaurants within the next year. I haven't read any reviews on Italian Kitchen but I just LOVE pasta! So my 2 girlfriends and I came by for their late night menu. Honestly we didn't even realize they had a late night menu. Obviously, we would've preferred the regular menu (It looks huge on their website) but this one had to do for that night. 

Beets & Arugula Salad $12. A great start to the night. This thing had like 3 different kinds of beets, all delicious of course. I couldn't get enough of that cheese! If you've been reading this blog for a while you will very well know I am a fan of goat cheese. A very well made salad and very recommended.

Linguine with Jumbo Prawns $23. This one was mine. For some reason, it wasn't very photogenic but it tasted like heaven.. well not really, but very close! This entrĂ©e included 4 perfectly cooked jumbo prawns that actually look jumbo! The sauce looks a littler watery but as I can remember, it was the perfect consistency as well. The capers and olives added a nice and salty "zing" to this dish. I definitely got what I paid for.
Lobster Tagliatelle $25. Before arriving, we had looked up their menu online and were so hungry that we sort of picked out what we wanted already. This wasn't on the late night menu but B really wanted some lobster pasta! The chefs made an exception. This one looked the best out of the three but tasted the worst in our opinion. If you can't tell from the photo, the "pasta" in this dish was rice noodles. This basically ruins the whole dish. We obviously didn't realize what Tagliatelle meant. Anyway, aside from the rice noodles, everything else was awesome. This had so much lobster and the tomato mascarpone sauce was delish! I just might order this with a different pasta type the next time I visit. Probably linguine.
Spaghetti with Spicy Kobe Meatballs $25. This one was my favorite. Pretend all that parmesan isn't there. I forgot to take the picture pre-cheesed. I really liked how this one had a white truffle cream sauce for the spaghetti and a marinara for the meatballs. The 2 went very well together. I probably don't even need to tell you how good, soft, and moist those Kobe meatballs are! Ironically, Kobe was right across from Italian Kitchen! These meatballs were HUGE! She couldn't even finish them all. Oh yeah, and the whole thing was topped with a big chunk of goat cheese, which is hidden under the huge layer of parmesan.
Tiramisu $8. I really liked this one. The mascarpone mousse was awesome. I really like it when the lady fingers are still moist when served and whoever made this, nailed it! 

Overall, my experience here was very good. 9/10. The servers were very kind and welcoming till almost the end because they wanted to close. We were the last ones there so I really don't blame them. I will be returning soon. Hope you guys get to try this place!

1037 Alberni Street
Vancouver, BC 

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  1. Yummy ! I really like this restaurant too. Glad I stumbled onto your blog !!! Great reviews on local restaurant.