7 Feb 2012


Apparently, this is one of the best fine dining restaurants in Kamloops. We wanted to try the best here since we weren't going to be there for long.
This place used to be a bank back in the day. They kept the bank feel to it on the outside but on the inside, it  looks like this. The red really sets the mooood.
Dungeonous Crab Cakes $12. The best thing of the night. This was amazing. All crab, no extra fillers. The sauce was also amazing. It had a citrus taste to it and the spinach and shallots weren't a bad addition either!
Duck 2 Ways $27. Braised and Confit. The braised was really good and the confit was kinda salty. I wouldn't order this again. It came with these flour balls which were so addicting! If I come back, I'd probably order I side of that stuff.
Venison $32. Not worth the money but still good! Loved the tomato risotto. I'm gonna try making this at home! The sauce was good, but the venison was a little tough. Nothing special.
White Chocolate Panna Cotta with a Cranberry Gelee. The panna cotta part was nice and creamy. I had never had anything like this before and the texture was quite interesting. To me, it tastes like a yogurt flan without the caramel aftertaste. The gelee however had a funny, sanded texture which I didn't like.
Goat's Cheesecake with Lemon Sabayon and Hazelnut Paraline. The best dessert ever! You can really taste the difference between goat cheese and regular cheesecake. The lemon is VERY tart but compliments the cheesecake if you eat it in small portions. The hazel paraline adds a very nice crunch and nuttyness to the dish. I liked the nice and simple plating.
I ordered a couple scoops of Ice Cream on the side and it costed me a whooping $6! What the HECK.. It was delicious though. I'm guessing the reason for the price was that it was made in-house. It better be for $6!

I would probably not come back here just because I really don't think it is worth the money. It was a nice place to eat and the service was great but my dollar is worth more elsewhere.

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  1. Your review doesn't add up, you love this, the set ever that and you wouldn't come back eh?