12 Jan 2012

Tengoku Sushi

I was craving for a fix of sushi after dinner last night so T and I drove out to Tengoku which is only like 5 minutes away from my house for a quick bite!
I had a Deluxe California Roll and added unagi on top. Those bitches charged me 8 dollars for the eel when a roll with eel already on it is like 11 bucks.. I was pretty mad when the bill came out but whatever, I'll just find a different way to word it next time.. Unagi roll with california inside? Anyways, I love the Deluxe California because they have real crab inside and compared to imitation, this is awesome.
T got the assorted sashimi. Can't tell you if it was good cause I don't eat sashimi but the plating is nice haha! Our bill came to $45 which is pretty expensive for Surrey. Service is always really good here, they never let your teacup go empty and frequently come to check up on your table. The setting of this place is cute and welcoming as well. Overall rating 8/10. This is my new Akasaka.

I came back here a couple days later with my girlfriend around dinner time. This time the service was horrible. This one girl (younger looking, smiles a lot, glasses with no lens) sits at the bar, on her phone the whole time and it took almost 10 minutes for us to get her to come and take our order.
Ton Katsu. This came out SO much bigger than I expected. I like how they don't put too much teriyaki sauce and LOTS of mayo. It was a little too salty for me but still really good!
This is the first caterpillar roll that actually looks like a caterpillar! It even has the eyes! No complaints about this one. It was basically just a cali roll with avo on top.
Willis Roll. I loved this one, especially cause there was bacon in it. I didn't think bacon would go good with the taste of seaweed but I'm always willing to try anything with bacon in it! I'm glad I did though. My new favorite roll. I love how Tengoku displays their dishes, everything looks so appetizing.

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  1. next time order their spicy sashimi much better!

    1. I dont eat sashimi but i'll get my bf to get it next time we go!