22 Jan 2012

Thomas Haas : Fine Chocolates and Patisserie

After having a couple bites of Thierry's French macarons, I was craving for more. My boyfriend and I ventured our way all the way out to Kitsilano to Thomas Haas. This turned out to be a great disappointment and was NOT worth the drive.

Pistachio was my favorite but still not very good compared to Thierry. I wouln't recommend the cassis, it was horrible.

The passion fruit had a jam filling which was a nice surprise.

Price: $19 for 12 macarons.
Overall, I didn't like how dry these tasted. They weren't as chewy as I would've liked it to be and overall did not contain a satisfying flavor. Also, you can tell that they were not made that day and were not fresh. They were actually kept in the refrigerated section along with the chocolates and were not at room temperature. I didn't like how the almond flour was a little chunky and left little bits of almond in my mouth and between my teeth. Those are not fun to get out. I will not be coming back here. At least not for macarons.

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  1. When I asked people on twitter where to go they told me this was second best after theirry ! So glad I did not go here then