13 May 2012

Wasabi Izakaya

Kelowna really needs a real sushi restaurant. I only found 2 sushi places in all of Kelowna and this was the more popular one. Compared to Vancouver, this place is pretty bad. Ambiance was a little awkward and dark and the food was slow and didn’t feel authentic at all. They sold cooked oysters in the raw oyster style. We had to ask for them to not be baked. Oysters should NOT be baked unless in a motoyaki style WITHOUT the ponzu sauce.

 Fresh Oysters 4 for $6.80. They didn't taste very fresh to me. Its probably why they bake them.
 Sashimi Plate $18.50. The pieces were very small. I'll give it to them for the plating but for the price, this is not worth ordering.
 Red Snapper Carpaccio $9. This was more like a ceviche because the slices were more square than "thinly sliced" as the advertised. I wouldn't have ordered this if I knew it was not a real carpaccio.
 Wasabi House Roll $7. A pretty unique dish with prawns, scallops and tuna on top of a cucumber roll. the only thing was their rice had too much vinegar and was a little mushy like its been sitting in the rice cooker all day.
Hawaiian Roll $4. An okay end to an okay meal. I really liked the banana and pineapple filling with the ice cream. The only thing was the deep fried crust was very hard and tasted a little dry. 
1623 Pandosy St  
Kelowna, BC V1Y1P7
Website: www.wasabi-izakaya.com
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  1. haha you are funny. Compare to Japan, Vancouver Izakayas are crappy. I don't get why you are compareing Vancouver to Kelowna??
    BTW, RauDZ guys came by quite often while they were having the renovation. They loved this restaurant so much, that they had a staff Xmas party at Wasabi...
    Just saying... I like this restaurant, so I had to add some fact to your blog. Thanks!

  2. You only found two sushi restaurants in Kelowna? Seriously, we have well over 20...do your research!

  3. Agreed... all you had to do was check urban spoon to find out that there are at least 33 sushi restaurants in Kelowna ( http://www.urbanspoon.com/s/85?q=kelowna+sushi ) So how valuable is your opinion of my hands-down favourite restaurant in Kelowna ?

  4. All sushi restaurants in Kelowna suck compared to Vancouver.