28 Feb 2012

Ikea: Cheap Eat

What's better than a cheap meal after furniture shopping? Sometimes, I just come here to browse the showrooms and eat! 
Coconut Fish Tilapia. This was only, the fish was a little dry and the seasoning tasted like Indian food. I wouldn't recommend this one.
10 Meatballs. My favorite thing to order here and ALWAYS a must. Their mashed potatoes are kinda fake but the meatballs make up for it.
Side of Mac and Cheese. I always wanted to try this, hoping it will taste like Michelinas. It doesn't. The sauce is pretty close but the pasta was so overcooked, it was almost mushy.
Almond Chocolate Cake. The best thing we ate this trip. The chocolate on top is okay but the rest was really tasty. Highly recommended.
Sweedish Yogurt. Tastes like McDonalds without the fruit. Pretty good though!

It total, we spend $25 for 2.5 meals and 2 desserts and a drink! Is that not cheaper than McDonalds!?

1000 Lougheed Highway, Coquitlam, BC V3K 3T5

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