9 Feb 2012

Felix on Fourth

For our third night here, we were recommended this place by a very nice server at Brownstone. So here we are. My first impression was that it was really small and cute and had a very downtown feel to it. It reminds me of Vancouver's little bistros. The lighting is extremely dim so my pictures didn't turn out so great.
I love the light decor.
Chicken Meatballs $12. Best thing I ate that night! They were organic meatballs and came with huge tomatoes. I would've licked the plate clean if I could. I basically did that with my fork and knife anyways.
French Onion Soup. This was never my thing. I just don't like the idea of cheese and bread in a soup. It was good but I would never order this. My bf loved it though.
Angus Beef Tenderloin $34. This place was so dark! I didn't wanna look like a weirdo using my flash so this was the best I could do with an Iphone camera and candlelight. Even though I don't really like blue cheese, it went really well with the steak! The beef cut very easily and was super tender. That thing on the left is a Bacon and Chive Potato Pavee which just tasted like scalloped potatoes. Pretty addicting so I'd give it a thumbs up.
Seafood with Rice Noodles $24. NOT worth the $24.. Yes, there was a massive amount of seafood and the dish was huge BUT it came with PHO noodles.. yep. They tried to make an Asian seafood linguine... and kinda failed.
Yep, pho noodles.. mmhm. We didn't stay for dessert since the desserts the people were having around us didn't look appetizing at all. We headed to milestones after dinner. Anyways, I would probably come back here to try out the other things. The first time was a fail on my part but I'd be willing to give them a second chance. Plus, I love the atmosphere of this place. Its cute and classy at the same time. 7/10

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  1. Wow, the cheese on that French onion soup looks so good!