5 Jan 2012

My Unforgettable Florida Trip!

Just some pics of places I went, things and etc. during my vacation. This was by far the best vacation I've ever been on.
Flew at 2 in the afternoon, landed at 1am in Tampa, Florida. I always fight for the window seat :) The view is amazing since we don't really fly over water much and there were no clouds that day!
Florida's oranges are delish! The ones that look like grapefruits are my favourite. My dad made cold-smoked  salmon that night. I usually don't like fish but everything tastes better on vacation.
At ChaCha Coconuts at Lido Beach, Tampa. Our appies. The wings were so good!
Steak and shrimp with curly onion fries. Some kinda fish and rice. Both were just..meh.. Not a very memorable place and i really wish I had tried the other restaurants on the block. This was the busiest but probably because its the cheapest.
Lido Key. This was way nicer than Miami Beach in my opinion..
Oyster Catchers in Tampa, FL. Baked oysters with cheese and spinach, 3 different kinds of raw oysters. 
I had the scallops and he had swordfish. I highly recommend this place. Everything was so well put together.

All these dishes were $2.95 after 9pm at Brio. Everything was delish! Their late night menu had 9 dishes which is plenty to choose from. Of course we ordered all of them (:
Dessert Sampler at Brio. The ice cream of course was mine. The red velvet one was the best.
Universal Studios. 
Resort in Bahamas!

Street shopping in the Bahamas.
Haha for some reason I thought it was 911 world wide!
Beer sampler with 8 flavors!
BJ's Brewhouse in Orlando
Joe's stone crab. According to T, the most famous restaurant in Miami and in our opinion worth the 2 hour wait to be seated. 
Someone elses order of stone crab...
Miami baby!
Our brunch the next morning at Caffe Milano on Ocean Dr. at Miami Beach. We only finished half but it was so good!

After we got home from Miami, we had a little family party and were off to the airport the next morning..  Thee best 10 days I have ever spent anywhere! 
Oystercatchers on UrbanspoonJoe's Stone Crab on UrbanspoonCaffe Milano on Urbanspoon

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